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What The Heck Is Retail Arbitrage Anyway?!

Retail Arbitrage

All the talk is about Retail Arbitrage! What the heck is it anyway? The shorthand way of describing it is “Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage”. Based on the confused looks I’ve received from friends and family when I use that term, I think it’s worth clarifying what I mean by that. First, here’s my definition of…

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Amazon End of Year Tax Prep!

End of Year Amazon.copm Sellers checklist

  As the end of the Tax year approaches for Amazon e-commerce sellers, everyone’s focus turns to the dreaded question; how do I prepare for tax time? Below is a post I took from a Facebook Group (Accounting We Will Go) that details EXACTLY which reports to run to bullet proof your Amazon end of…

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No More Excuses For Lack of Success!

No More Excuses For Lack of Success! 1

    I just wanted to talk a little bit about motivation, drive, and the will to achieve. For starters, I’m happy to give my time, whether free or paid, to those who truly have the desire to better themselves as individuals and entrepreneurs. Be it Real estate, Amazon, eBay, Diabetic Test Strips or Credit…

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Turn-Key Investments | Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale has been investing, rehabbing, managing and providing properties to our cash-flow investors since 2008. With years of experience in this field, we intentionally keep our business family oriented so we can provide the best service to our investors. In other words, personalized attention to all our investors is a promise we can keep.…

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Where Should I Buy Rental Property?

Where should I buy rental property? This question is asked hundreds of times in internet forums across the US, in local coffee shops, and at dinner tables. Most investors think that you should buy locally. It’s convenient; you can see, touch, smell (yuck) the property. It’s about being comfortable and in your “safe zone.” I’m…

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