I just wanted to talk a little bit about motivation, drive, and the will to achieve.

For starters, I’m happy to give my time, whether free or paid, to those who truly have the desire to better themselves as individuals and entrepreneurs.

Be it Real estate, Amazon, eBay, Diabetic Test Strips or Credit Repair, my wife and I have helped numerous people on their path to success in a particular niche. It’s fun, and there is nothing like seeing someone take the knowledge they acquire and run with it. It’s the tops.

However, I cannot count on all my fingers and toes the number of times we are approached by someone who THINKS they WANT to succeed. Someone that HOPES they will SOMEDAY achieve what they see us doing.
The only thing missing from this person is the DO!
The most important piece of the equation. (ask anyone)

Let me be clear. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for Action. None. You can be smart, fast, well-liked, witty, pleasant, but if you don’t move forward with your knowledge you will never become the person you want to be. Period.

Be a risk taker. Be a question asker. Be a researcher. Be a knowledge hound. Be a networker. Be all of these things. Be the best you that you can be. Do everything you do with a passion and you WILL receive all the help you need. I promise.

The conversation posted to the right is between an 18 yr old young man and my wife. He goes to school. He has little money and not much extra time. What he does have is drive and the will to succeed. I’m still unsure if this can be taught.

My wife told him what to do, he did it (in fact he couldn’t get off the phone fast enough to run to the store and purchase what she told him), and in 24 hours made his first $85 in his young entrepreneurial life. This may not seem like much to some but to those who “get it”, it’s HUGE!!

By the way, this young man’s grandfather had passed away the same day.
May God Bless Him.

Stop making excuses. GO Be Great.


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